MariSilicon X: Oppo’s New Chip Is The Brand’s Weapon For New Generation


MariSilicon X: The manufacturer Oppo started this Tuesday (14) the activities of the OPPO INNO DAY 2021, an annual event to present the brand’s new products and technologies. One of the revelations that marked the first day of the conference was the company’s first neural processing unit (NPU), dubbed the MariSilicon X.

The chip is built on a 6 nanometer (nm) architecture and its main function is to improve the capture and playback of photos and videos on the company’s devices.

It makes a difference?

With MariSilicon X, for example, Oppo’s next top-of-the-line smartphones will be able to capture videos in Night Mode using 4K resolution, with Artificial Intelligence working to collect as much data as possible from the environment and deliver a high-quality result, with less possible noise.

This happens because the algorithms work on the material in RAW, that is, without any type of editing or compression. RGBW sensors still operate on parallel channels, improving the quality of capturing photo textures.

All this happens inside the chip itself, whose architecture processes cache quickly and works with an external DDR memory dedicated to image processing, with a data read speed of 8.5 GB/s.


The MariSilicon X will debut on the next device in the Find X line, which will be sold by Oppo in the first quarter of 2022. According to the manufacturer, it is the most advanced NPU for imaging on the market.

In the coming days of the event, the brand should also launch its first foldable smartphone and present a device with a retractable camera.