Mario Strikers Battle League: The Best Guide to Assembling Rosalina


Rosalina is a playable character in the Mario Strikers: Battle League game with high basic shooting characteristics. Shooting determines the force of impact and the speed with which the ball flies to the goal. Thus, Rosalina’s high throw rate of 17 makes it much more difficult for goalkeepers to block her shots. On the other hand, her low speed of 9 means that her character in Mario Strikers: Battle League cannot move quickly across the field. Thus, Rosalina’s ability to throw, but insufficient dexterity, indicates that she must rely on her teammates to control the ball, and pass it to her only when she is planning a shot.

Keeping these distinctive character traits in mind, fans of Mario Strikers: Battle League should provide Rosalina with an assembly that takes advantage of her kit. In addition, a reliable command staff is also needed to improve the efficiency of this assembly. However, keep in mind that even the recommended “best build” for Rosaline in Mario Strikers: Battle League may not be for all players. Everyone will have their own unique style of play and preferences. Accordingly, fans are encouraged to experiment using the recommended assembly as a template in order to fully realize Rosalina’s potential on the field.

The best build for Rosalina in Mario Strikers: Battle League is a special combination of equipment that further improves her shooting, as well as gives her more speed to make her less of a burden to her teammates. More speed means that Rosalina will have more freedom of movement on the field, which will give players more opportunities to use her for effective shots at the opponent’s goal. However, she will need a good playmaker and a passer to help her position the ball correctly.

How to Build Rosalina in the Mario Strikers Battle League

Here is a set of recommended equipment items that Mario Strikers: Battle League fans can use for Rosalina, including the recommended team composition:

Recommended equipment for assembling Rosalina

Head: Cannon Visor — increases Shooting by 2 points, but reduces Technique by 2 points. Weapons: Turbo Gloves — Increases Speed by 2 points, but reduces Strength by 2 points. 2 points Legs: Bushido Sandals — increases speed by 4 points while reducing strength, pass, shooting and technique by 1 point.

Recommended command staff for Rosalina assembly

Rosalina is the main scorer with high throw rates. Luigi — high passes and technique make him an excellent support for Rosalina Peach — can help in building throws thanks to her high technique and shooting speed.