Mario Kart Tour: multiplayer has finally arrived!


The players were waiting for him, he’s finally coming! The multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour is coming very soon for everyone.

An open beta arrives on Mario Kart Tour ! After a first reserved for subscribed players, the multiplayer mode is open to everyone !

When Nintendo announced the release of a Mario Kart mobile game, everyone was crazy. Who has never dreamed of playing this iconic game on their phone? Absolutely no one. Besides, to have a good time with friends, this is the ideal game. It was without counting on the false good idea of ​​the developers to release Mario Kart Tour … Without accessible multiplayer mode . Despite this, the mobile game was still a huge success.

What a disappointment for fans of the game. A Mario Kart without games between friends is like a Mortal Kombat without Fatality. However, a few weeks ago, a first beta test appeared . It was then open to players with the monthly pass. But reassure, very soon, a second will be available for all Mario Karters.

It was on the game’s official Twitter account that we learned the good news. On the latter, we are told that there will be ” more details to come on Twitter and in the application”. So, you will understand, we do not really know more. You will therefore have to stay connected to follow these news.

However, we know that the first beta was a success. This has been tested by Gold Pass subscribers for a whole week. According to the Mario Kart Tour studio , it made it possible to ” determine whether the multiplayer mode works as expected before making it accessible to all players”. The players were therefore able to compete in cups of 3 races each. For more equity, all players had the same character.

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