Mario Kart Tour is the most downloaded game in 2019 on the iPhone!


Nintendo has conjured the curse. Despite a half-hearted departure and paid features, the Japanese firm has succeeded. Mario Kart Tour becomes the most downloaded game of 2019 on iPhone.

Thanks to Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has just achieved a real coup. Despite the launch of many games on smartphones iPhone and Android, Nintendo had never managed to find success on this platform. If the reputation of the firm is more to do in the video game, this field was still out of their reach. And it’s not for lack of trying.

Wearing, Nintendo had made efforts. Before Mario Kart Tour, several games of the firm had been entitled to their adaptation on smartphones. Without real success. Animal Crossing, yet very much on the Nintendo DS had been a failure. Like Fire Emblem Heroes. Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario also had trouble getting started. But the aura of Mario Kart was enough to ward off the spell.

If there was a Nintendo game that was missing on the smartphone, it’s Mario Kart. With Mario Kart Tour, many Nintendo DS players have found a world he knew well. A world of races, characters and karts of all kinds. A world that succeeds to the Japanese firm.

It was not won, however. After a slow start due to the lack of multiplayer mode, the game quickly rained. And thanks to powerful updates. Even with a paid multiplayer mode, this game will remain as a big success on iPhone. And it’s not the millions of fans of the game that will say the opposite.


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