Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, preview


We attended a preview presentation of everything that is Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, the mix between the Nintendo saga and the real world through Switch and augmented reality.

The celebration of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario left many curiosities on the table. The flashy announcement was the 3D All-Stars, as well as the improved 3D World. But there was room for what we didn’t see coming. The Game and Watch, a Mario pseudo Battle Royale (already available, by the way) and, above all, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. It was about transferring the essence of the saga to the real world, through a kart (like the remote control ones that already exist) but with a camera, controlled through Switch and using augmented reality to mix both universes. Another cool occurrence at Nintendo?

The idea of ​​being able to turn our house into a personalized circuit while we compete with the CPU and a maximum of three other friends is extremely attractive, especially because of the customization that we can carry out with the game. The pack brings Mario or Luigi with it in their kart, four doors that serve as guides to mark where the circuit passes, optional arrows to mark the direction and a charging cable. The application on Switch is free to download, and everything is connected via a QR code. From here, to play.

Create circuits and customize them

During the hour-long presentation we were shown how the circuits were created. The system is very simple: basically the race creator is chosen and Lakitu will throw a painting at the wheels. It will be then when, after having placed the four doors where we want throughout our house, we will control the kart (from the Switch) to mark the circuit we want. Once done, we can quickly compete against Bowser’s henchmen and his son Bowsy in the same way as Mario Kart is played: drifting, throwing objects and overcoming various obstacles.

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The title allows you to customize the races with various AR effects in different ways. From snow with blocks of ice to competing under water -but in our living room- as well as with a strong wind that affects our control, among other options. These augmented reality effects affect driving. Deviations from the car, braking if we collide with elements or jerks if we hook ourselves to a Chain Chomp, with the physical vehicle reacting to all this in the real world. Magikoopa, fire bars, pipes that launch objects, musical notes, turbos on the track of the rainbow … There are a lot of elements to place in the circuits.


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