Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Gets Update 2.0 With Split-Screen


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit received this week its most important update since launch: version 2.0.0. The update brings new features and activities to the game, having as one of its main highlights the possibility of playing in split-screen on a single Switch.

Before, two independent consoles running the game, each linked to a cart, were needed to play together. After the update, it is now possible to synchronize two cars on a single Switch, each linked to a controller, and the screen is divided to show the feedback of each car in one of its parts.

The update also brings other news, such as the Luigi Cup, which is added to the Grand Prix. Completing some objectives in the Luigi Cup unlocks up to two new environments and three new Gate Types to use in course creation mode. The activity also unlocks new customization options for your kart, the Poltergust G-00 and the Spooky Horn – what looks like a bit late Halloween content.

Multiplayer also gains a new mode, Relay Race. In this mode the race is cooperative, relay style. Up to four players control the same Kart, switching only characters as drivers, with the turn shifting from one to the other at specific times in the race. The opponents are Bowser Jr. and his Koopalings. In this mode you need a controller for each player.