Mario Kart Live checkpoint you can print at home


Nintendo publishes a PDF of the official Mario Kart Live Home Circuit checkpoint signs. You can print them for free.

Nintendo Japan has released the spare parts for the Mario Kart Live checkpoints. The doors that are used to trace your own circuit can be printed for free from your home. If any of the four have had a mishap, you can fix it in minutes.

All you need is an A4 size paper and a printer. Nothing else. Of course, so far the replacement for goal structures has not transcended. The PDF, which you can access at this link, only offers signals 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Mario Kart Live: Nintendo’s latest occurrence

At MeriStation we have spent a full week fiddling with this version of Mario Kart for augmented reality. In our analysis we said that Mario Kart Live Home Circuit presents “a powerful idea, designed to be a success in Christmas shopping.” Its approach stands out, being able to play with a real kart where everything around us is reflected through the Nintendo Switch screen.

With each goal you can draw your own circuits, “another point in favor”. “It brings with it a lot of content in the form of cups, time trial mode and a large number of unlockables that make it very replayable,” we said. However, not everything is positive. The experience “is somewhat burdened” by its limitations. We were talking about the five-meter coverage “becoming scarce.” “Sometimes we find problems in the layout of the circuits, which are out of place due to the presence of structures in the house itself.”

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For its part, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is already available at a recommended price of 109.95 euros. It does so in two versions: one with Luigi’s kart, and another with Mario’s kart. The package includes the four commented goals (structure and signal), a kart, two curve signals and a USB-C charging cable. The program required to play can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop.


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