Mario Kart 8: speedrunners create category of blue shell


For the past two weeks, Mario Kart 8 players have been sharing records in a new category of speedrun, which consists of the runner hitting himself with the infamous blue shell.

The Mario Kart franchise is popularly known in the universe of speedrunners and has attracted attention numerous times due to absurd marks conquered by the base of passionate players. However, with decades of release since the first title in the saga, it is normal for the community to start looking for and creating more categories to set records, and that is how “blue yourself” came about.

The new sensation of Mario Kart 8 makes players find ways to reach themselves with the blue shell, an offensive item in the game that instantly seeks the character that is in first place. Thus, it is necessary not only to slow down the speed to keep your opponents in sight, but also to be able to catch the shell at the right time – something that depends on LOTS of luck – and reach the first place quickly.

The current record belongs to the user Skilloz, who shared a video on his social networks showing the step by step of the speedrun on the Muu Muu Meadows track of the Nintendo Wii, when he registered the world record with just 37.85 seconds. Check it out below.

Do you have any speedrun records set in Mario Kart 8? Share with us and leave your answer in the comments.