Mario Golf Super Rush: Toadette and Ranked Mode Come to The Game


Mario Golf Super Rush: Much to Nintendo’s delight, Big N has announced that Mario Golf: Super Rush will receive a free update today (5)! The update will include the playable character Toadette, a new ranked mode, improved motion controls and a new level in New Donk City, the iconic setting of Super Mario Odyssey!

The coolest thing is to know that Nintendo has already confirmed that it will continue working on more updates for the game, which is getting more and more meaty in content!

In our review of Mario Golf Super Rush, also available in video via the player below, we’ve already praised the plethora of characters and game modes as a big plus, so it’s great to know that what was good is even better!

And you, what did you think of these updates? Are you looking forward to revisiting the game and discovering the new content? What is your favorite Mario sports game? Let us know in the comments below!


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