Mario Golf: Super Rush Reveals New Characters and Game Modes


Mario Golf: Super Rush, Nintendo released on Monday (17) a new trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush, presenting an overview of features and mechanics, characters, maps and modes present in the game.

The new images of Mario Golf: Super Rush show some details that the new version of the classic Mario Golf will add. Among the novelties, we highlight the inclusion of 16 unique characters, each with their own game system and with skills that allow them to explore different dynamics. In addition, players will be able to add their own personalized Mii in the game, with the right to participate in a campaign mode complete with progression, improvements and unlocking of cosmetics.

Super Rush will also have an unprecedented “battle royale” mode, in which several players will compete in simultaneous online series to pot as many balls as possible. To make the competition even more intense, the maps will have numerous boosts, power ups and single-use items, adding the extra element and more surprises that will make each event unique.

The trailer also details how the Joy-Cons and the motion sensor will be integrated, incorporating strength, balance and direction to help golfers understand the dynamics of the sport and improve their performance on the courses. Check out the video below.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be released on June 25 for Nintendo Switch.


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