Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a Wii U gem on Switch


For those few who had a Wii U here in Brazil (and I include myself), Nintendo’s least popular console was home to fantastic games that didn’t have their deserved prominence. Among them we have the launch of a 3D Mario that broke the hegemony of the famous “Marios of exploration” a little, returning more to the fun and creative phases, besides focusing on the arcade style.

Super Mario 3D World is a gem that was, until now, stuck in a video game that had little adhesion, but gains new life in the spotlight of the Switch and with new features: the possibility of playing at a distance with the online and DLC Bowser’s Fury, which brings a new perspective on the mechanics of the base game. So check out the full review of Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury below!

The video analysis is in production and will be posted soon.

Fun for you and your friends

The cornerstone of Mario 3D Worlds is fun: the purest and simplest joy of having well-built levels full of creative elements that captivate us to complete them and collect all the stars and stamps, not because it is mandatory or something like that , but because it seems a waste not to enjoy every corner of the spectacular level design.

This 3D Mario is really out of the curve and leaves aside exacerbated exploration and collecting, as in Mario Odyssey or Mario Galaxy. Here, it’s almost as if classic games take a three-dimensional perspective, but with an extra spice to the mix: multiplayer for up to four people.


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