Marilyn Manson fired from American Gods

The American Gods and Creepshow series, which were scheduling appearances by Marilyn Manson, fired the singer from his appearances. The announcement came after allegations of abuse by his former partner, actress Evan Rachel Wood.

The Starz channel, which features American Gods, spoke through a spokesperson for the Deadline website. In the statement, the broadcaster stated that, due to the allegations made against the star, it was decided to remove his participation in the next episodes in which he would appear.

Furthermore, in a post on American Gods’ Twitter account, the channel positioned itself in favor of all victims and survivors of abuse.

AMC, the channel that broadcasts the Creepshow anthology, also through a channel representative, announced to the same website that an episode starring Manson was being produced. However, the segment was replaced and the singer was removed from the project.

Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood accuses Marilyn Manson of abuse

Yesterday, actress Evan Rachel Wood posted, on her Instagram account, a statement telling about the abuse and enticement she suffered during her relationship with Marilyn Manson.

Using the same platform, Manson responded to the accusations, saying the reports were “horrible distortions of reality”. Manson was also released from his contract with Loma Vista Recordings.

In 2007, Dolores Abernathy’s performer on HBO’s Westworld series made her relationship with the singer public, even appearing in her Heart-Shaped Glasses video. However, Wood revealed in her statements that since adolescence she has been persuaded to enter the relationship.

After the publications, other women who already had relationships with Marilyn Manson spoke, also through social networks, reporting their experiences with the artist. Among them, models Sarah McNeilly and Ashley Lindsay Morgan went public with their reports.

In 2018, Manson had been accused of harassment and racism by actress Charlyne Yi, most famous for playing Dr. Chi Park on the House series.



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