Marie Garet: the candidate of Secret Story 5 is hospitalized!


Not long ago, a strange message sparked many reactions on the blogger’s Instagram profile for good reason ! This announces the death of the star. No, you’re not dreaming ! “Marie Garet died that night”.

But rest assured, it is not. Hackers have in fact hacked his account in order to spread the false news.

The Solife Gossip Twitter account shared the information on the platform. “A close source has just contacted me.”

“Marie Garet is not dead, she had her Instagram and Facebook accounts hacked. She would be at work and well alive… “.


Not long ago, this same account then took stock of the situation again. Marie Garet would therefore be in the hospital.

“Marie Garet is currently at M.’s CHU for an obstetrical problem, therefore clearly related to her pregnancy”.

“We hope all is well! “. And we hope so too. It must be said that the message left on his Instagram account frightened more than one.

Surprised, Internet users then reacted en masse to this astonishing announcement. “This is bullshit… We don’t advertise it like that.”

“What’s the way to announce a death? It’s weird, “” What do you mean? “,” Do you know if this is true or if this is fake news? “.

We let you take a look at the post still available on the Instagram account of the social media star.


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