Maribel Guardia clarifies about Eleazar Gómez


A few days ago, Maribel Guardia was questioned when leaving Televisa, regarding her position for the alleged beating that Eleazar Gómez gave to his girlfriend Stephanie Valenzuela, but since she was not documented with the case, she limited herself to talking about the pleasant personal experience that she has had with him. However, the actress already used her Instagram account to give her real position on the case, “I am totally against violence against women,” she said.

“Arriving at my house I documented myself, it was really terrible to see the photos of Stephanie, the victim, it hurt me a lot as a woman, the suffering of Eleazar’s mother and her sister to whom I have great affection, but much more the violence against women ”.

After the attack on the model, Guardia reflected on the violence against women, the femicides, which from his point of view grow in Mexico and the world day after day and said that if Gómez is guilty “he will have to pay the consequences of his acts, the woman should not be touched even with the petal of a rose, “he emphasized.

Immediately, the singer obtained thousands of “likes” in her video and great support for her position by her millions of followers on Instagram, who flooded her publication with comments in favor of her words and in defense of the women who live this type of situations.

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