Mariah Carey urges Meghan Markle to behave like a “diva” as she claims it’s not something she can “connect to”


When it comes to the term “diva,” many automatically think of superstar Mariah Carey. Of course, Carey earned this title after selling many millions of records and winning almost all the music awards under the sun, which were received after she faced great adversity early in her life. Her diva-like persona tends to sometimes blur the line between authenticity and self-awareness, but at this point, the Grammy Queen can obviously recognize another diva from a mile away. To this end, she called on Meghan Markle to display such behavior, despite the fact that the “Force Majeure” veterinarian was not necessarily related to this concept.

The conversation with the diva began with Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey talking about how to solve hair problems as bi-racial women in the podcast of the first “Archetypes”. Markle recalled being mesmerized by watching Carey’s 1993 “Dreamlover” music video, saying it was more “girl-next-door” than something screaming “diva,” which the singer-songwriter explained by saying her hair played into her ethnic ambiguity at the time. The vocalist of “All I Want for Christmas is You” said that neither white nor black hairdressers knew how to style her naturally curly locks, and recalled that white hairdressers tried things that didn’t work at all, while ethnic hairdressers used too much product. Her plight with her hair dates back to her childhood, as her white mother did not know how to properly care for Carey’s hair. Markle understood Carey’s conundrum when she remembered using heavy products while her grandmother was combing her thick and curly hair.

Someone needs to put so much effort into succeeding in hairstyles that definitely deserve a place on the diva’s mantle, and a couple of artists later returned to this topic, and Carey said that she had been leaning towards her persona with high care requirements for a long time, as a tribute to her opera singer mother and a little for a laugh. When the conversation turned to her infamous 2002 episode of MTV Cribs, Markle recalled how people took this episode too seriously regarding the My All singer playing the role of a mega diva. The pop superstar seemed disappointed that viewers didn’t get the joke, as she recalled growing up in “a lot of shacks” as a child. After Carey’s remarks, the actress supported the music icon, saying:

And I think it’s really important for people to remember that there can be this personality, and yes, a diva that we can play. I mean, it’s not something I’m involved with, but for you, it was a huge part of your…

Wait, wait, wait. After hearing Meghan Markle’s words, Mariah Carey wasn’t going to let the Duchess of Sussex go without acknowledging her own “diva” moments, which led to interesting arguments between the Grammy winner and the Hollywood actress.

Carey: Sometimes you give us moments of wonder, Megan. Don’t even act like… Markle: What Diva moments am I giving you? Can you see me right now? Carey: It’s also an image. This is a visual! A lot of it is visual. Because… Markle: You see, that’s the thing. I associate it in a different way. Carey: I know, but let’s imagine that you weren’t that beautiful and didn’t have all that, and didn’t often have great ensembles. Maybe you won’t get so many wonderful things. I don’t care. I’m like, “When I can, I give you a diva.”

The two women had a full circle moment when Mariah Carey returned to the original images of the “Dream Lover” that caused the adoration of Meghan Markle, and frankly admitted that she and her record company had conflicting ideas about what her public image should be.

We started in Dreamlover with curly hair, plaid shirts, that’s what they wanted from me. They wanted the girl next door. So I’ve always admired Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and, of course, all the beautiful black actresses who never got their way. Of course, I wanted to be so glamorous because I felt like an ugly little girl because I didn’t fit.

It turned out that the inner Marilyn of the pop music icon was shelved in the early days as she attracted attention as perhaps a more in-demand pop star leaning towards racial ambiguity. Mariah Carey was dealing with image and self-esteem issues during her relatively rapid rise to fame, and hiding her glamorous true ambitions didn’t help. Thankfully, Carey was able to take control of her career and showcased her glamorous side to the masses, even when it meant becoming quite cocky.

As Mariah Carey continues to live her best diva life, fans can look forward to her signature Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas is You” becoming a hit again this year. Unfortunately, Carey and the Christmas dish are the subject of a $20 million lawsuit alleging that the pop star copied the country song of the same name. However, she is keen to copyright the nickname “The Queen of Christmas” based on the song’s huge success, although it is unclear if this will ever happen.


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