Mariah Carey Lost Track of Ex Nick’s New Kids


Mariah Carey (53) can no longer keep up with the growing family of former Nick Cannon (41). In 2014, the singer divorced the comedian after eight years of marriage and two children together. Since then, the moderator has been working hard to expand his family. Just a few weeks ago, Nick became a father for the ninth time. But does Mariah know all the descendants of her ex? As an insider blurted out, the pop diva has long lost track.

“Mariah can’t keep track of Nick’s kids and his moms. There are too many of them to keep track of!” a source told Us Weekly. Nevertheless, the 53-year-old woman is happy for her ex and wishes him all the best. Nick’s growing family also has no influence on the upbringing of her twins Monroe (11) and Moroccan (11). “Co—parenting is still going very well, and they have a great relationship as co-parents,” the source explained.

Back in February, an insider told HollywoodLife how well Mariah and her ex get along. “She knows that no matter how many children Nick has in his life, he will always be a great father to his twins,” the source said.


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