Mariah Carey: her former nanny complains and balances on the diva!


Mariah Carey sees red, and it’s not because of Christmas. Indeed, the nurse of the star complains against her. It will hurt !

Mariah Carey may have an incredible voice, but she also has a bad reputation. The singer would indeed be a real diva. Her former nanny has also filed a complaint to that effect. Her working conditions were said to be poor.

Mariah Carey had everything to have a great Christmas. 25 years after its release, his hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has indeed climbed to the top of the charts. However, a complaint darkens this beautiful picture all red and white.

Maria Brugues was the nurse of Maria Carey’s twins from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Her mission was to take care of toddlers, but also to follow the song diva in the least of her trips. Therein lies the problem. Indeed, these many trips were not paid for by the star but by her nanny. So that means she worked almost for free!

The TMZ website was able to take a look at Maria Brugues’ complaint and the least we can say is that it’s gratinated! Mariah Carey did not give her any rest time or lunch break. It’s illegal in California! The young woman’s working hours are not included in her complaint. However, it seems to be expected to be available around the clock.

Maria Brugues also specifies that the singer asked her for more than her work as a nanny. Besides, Mariah Carey’s bodyguard was not tender with her either. Yet she had not resigned! The singer had indeed fired her after filing her complaint. She therefore claims payment for all her overtime. Regarding the singer’s lawyers, this complaint is not valid.


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