María Pedraza’s love for her friend Lola Rodríguez


In Instagram story, María Pedraza made a nice declaration of friendship to Lola Lola Rodríguez, one of her best friends!

Wow, María Pedraza had a lot on her heart! The beauty wrote very nice spontaneous words to her friend Lola Rodríguez!

Yesterday, the actress shared a great photo, but with an intriguing detail. Indeed, in legend, she put a broken heart …

Would she be separated from Jaime Lorente? Very discreet lately, many people are wondering about their famous romance …

However, neither he, nor the beautiful María Pedraza replied … So we don’t know more!

One thing is certain: the photo posted by the actress is just a hit … At the same time, it’s a bomb!

Indeed, in the post, she appears with a rather nude make-up on the eyes, but which brings out the blue, as well as a beautiful lipstick. Magnificent !

In short, María Pedraza fans hit the like button like crazy! In fact, in less than 12 hours, it garnered more than 630,000 “likes” mentions.


The two actresses spent the day together yesterday. As much to tell you that they had a blast!

Indeed, while María Pedraza and Lola Rodríguez went through the make-up box, the young women were dancing and singing to a Spanish song! We love !

Full of energy, the actresses took advantage of this moment to take a picture of themselves in the mirror! Too beautiful !

Thus, in story, María Pedraza unveiled one of these pictures with a pretty sentence full of friendship and tenderness towards her friend. She wrote: “I love him fucking”

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A pretty and very spontaneous statement! We love their relationship, don’t you?

Anyway, the two young women got bombed in front of the mirror! Really superb!

At MCETV, we validate the cliché thoroughly!


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