María Pedraza with Lola Rodríguez is phenomenal!


In Story on her Instagram account, María Pedraza shared a photo where she displayed herself hot alongside her friend Lola Rodríguez!

On social networks, María Pedraza very often reveals her daily life to her fans. Recently, she has also displayed very hot alongside her friend: the beautiful Lola Rodríguez.

This Tuesday, November 10, María Pedraza posted new photos in Story from her Instagram account. At first, the pretty brunette took a pose in full sun. In fact, she told her fans that she was filming.

Indeed, María Pedraza commented on her photo with a CLAP emoji and a sun. But that’s not all. She unveiled another photo with her friend, Lola Rodríguez. The two have also appeared very complicit on the social network.

At first, her friend struck a pose with a black figure-hugging top, she also opted for a necklace and pretty earrings. With a glance of embers, and without smiling, the young woman caused a sensation.

María Pedraza sublime aux côtés de son amie actrice Lola Rodríguez !


For her part, María Pedraza appeared with her hands in her pockets. Regarding her outfit, she opted for a white blouse, tied at the waist. As well as tight jeans that showcased her gorgeous body.

The Casa de Papel and Elite actress struck a pose with a bun that emphasized the curves of her face. She also highlighted her mouth with a pretty red lipstick. And it could well be that both are in the same movie or the same series.

As of yet, Jaime Lorente’s sweetheart has not given any further information on the matter. Recently she starred in a brand new movie. Entitled “El Verano que Vivimos”, it will be released on December 4. To be continued!

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