María Pedraza splendid with her curly and natural hair!


María Pedraza unveiled a splendid video of her via her Instagram story! The latter had kept her pretty curly hair!

María Pedraza caused a stir on Instagram today! Indeed, the beautiful brunette revealed a video of her having her natural and curly hair!

It is rare for the beautiful María Pedraza to keep her natural hair… Indeed, generally, the sublime 24-year-old actress smoothes her hair, especially during events or as part of a photo shoot!

Yet Jaime Lorente’s companion’s hair is naturally curly! A beautiful nature of hair that her followers love!

So, this Sunday, January 24, 2021, the beautiful María Pedraza posted a video of her having her natural hair! A sublime video that its millions of subscribers had to validate!


On Instagram, 3 days ago, María Pedraza also posted a photo of her curly hair via her Instagram feed! A cliché that has conquered Internet users! Indeed, the post in question already has more than 340,000 likes… A real record!

There are also many comments! Indeed, fans of the beautiful actress from Casa de Papel have all complimented the dream hair of the latter! “Beautiful, you should keep your natural hair more often!” ”

Or: “A real beauty María Pedraza, I am literally a fan of her lioness mane, it is sublime! I dream of having such thick, curly hair! »« Never smooth your hair again María, you look so much more beautiful! “” Cannon! In addition, big crush for your hairstyle! ”

We can read on the social network of the beautiful María! Comments all more adorable than the others! An enthusiasm which will therefore please the young woman of 24! Indeed, the latter can boast of having a golden community!


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