María Pedraza shows off her skills as a masked dancer on!


María Pedraza’s dancing talents did not go unnoticed in the Spanish Elite series. On Instagram, she shows her prowess!

María Pedraza is a well-known actress in Spanish series. Indeed, the actress starred in La Casa de Papel but also Elite. It is in this second series that we see her dancing. On Instagram, she proves to us that she is still a good dancer.

Can you be as flexible as the beautiful María Pedraza? Indeed, the pretty redhead known from the Netflix series is more flexible than jaja.

On her Instagram page, the pretty young woman who rubbed shoulders with her co-star Jaime Lorente, shows her dancing skills. You can tell, she hasn’t lost any of her flexibility.

Remember that our beautiful Madrilenian took dance lessons, and not just anywhere! Yes, she did the dance conservatory in the charming city of Madrid.

Earlier in the year, we also saw our beautiful Spaniard doing some hard training. It has to keep a level of perfection, after all!

Once again, on Instagram, María Pedraza shows her talents by doing the splits! That’s a great achievement, isn’t it?


So María Pedraza still trains as much, it seems … So it’s on stage that she reveals herself, masked with her dance shoes on her feet.

Her legs are parallel and straight, the result of years of hard work. She seems to do it with childish simplicity, in short.

We know, even before comedy, dance is his first love, and it will always be. María Pedraza will therefore not fail to express herself on Instagram through her art which she masters so much.

Her latest snap has obviously had its effect, as the peerless actress and dancer with 11 million subscribers has received over 300,000 likes on her post. Hats off, the artist!


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