María Pedraza shares her dance in the hit “Jerusalema”!


María Pedraza made a name for herself in La Casa de Papel. Since then, the young woman continues to stir up the web, on her social networks!

María Pedraza is hugely successful on social media. Today the Spanish actress performs a very sexy dance to the track “Jerusalema”.

A few years ago the beautiful María Pedraza made herself known in La Casa de Papel. The actress played a young hostage and has enjoyed tremendous success since.

Soon after, fans were able to find her in another Spanish series. Indeed, the actress starred in the first season of Elite. She put herself in the shoes of Marina, a young woman killed by one of her classmates. A big part of the show’s presence in attracting fans to Netflix was María’s presence.

Since then, María Pedraza has been more discreet and also focuses on other projects, such as her career as a model. It must be said the young woman of 24 is very pretty! Indeed, in recent years, she has become a fashion icon.

Jaime Lorente’s sweetheart has over 12 million Instagram followers. Just that ! So, whenever she can, she flaunts herself sexy and ignites the web with each of her appearances.


María Pedraza knows how to crack the web. In fact, a few hours ago, she gave a very sexy dance to her subscribers, along with Lola Rodriguez.

Thus, we see her swaying on “Jerusalema”, this South African song that has become global! Indeed, the tube was distinguished at the MTV Europe Awards as the best African song of the year.

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In legend, María Pedraza writes: “Nuestro ultimo dia”, in other words “Our last day” in French. The young woman implies that the shoot on which she is is soon completed!

One thing is certain, the atmosphere is there! And we love it!


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