María Pedraza shares her current reading on Instagram!


María Pedraza regularly shares her looks on Insta. But today, the Elite actress wanted to share her reading of the moment!

María Pedraza often shares her looks and choreography on Insta. But today, it’s her reading of the moment that the Elite star wanted to share.

One of the hottest stars is María Pedraza. Indeed, the young woman is a huge success!

María Pedraza first rose to prominence in 2017, with her role as Alison Parker in La Casa de Papel. But yes, remember, she played the daughter of the British Ambassador to Spain, held hostage in the National Mint.

But it is mainly thanks to her role in Elite that the young woman has made a crazy rise. Indeed, María Pedraza has become a world star by playing Marina, victim of the conflict between modest and wealthy students of her school. Just that !

The success of these two series has allowed him to land many contracts in fashion but also for series and films. Crazy, no!

Far from these professional concerns, the flagship actress of Elite has just shared her favorite book of the moment.

Shall we show you?


María Pedraza shows a large part of her life on Insta. Indeed, the young woman very often shares her looks, choreographies and favorite music. Very cool !

However, today, the young woman wanted to share something else with her community.

Indeed, in her Stroy Insta, the Elite actress showed her fans her favorite reading of the moment. Awesome, isn’t it?

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Yes, María Pedraza is currently reading Orgía by Pier Paolo Pasolini. This is a tragedy in the form of a play, written entirely in verse.

And apparently, this text is a real crush for the actress!

We, in any case, are delighted that she shares her literary favorites with us!


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