María Pedraza reveals her talents as lead dancer!


On her Instagram account, María Pedraza posted a photo where she displayed herself very flexible in star dancer mode. She caused a sensation!

If María Pedraza is known for her acting roles in many famous series, she has another talent. Indeed, she is also a dancer. Beyond a talent, this sport has also become a real passion for her.

In Elite, fans of María Pedraza noticed a scene in which she dances. While some thought she had learned the steps for the show, she didn’t. Before becoming an actress, she is primarily a dancer.

María Pedraza does classical dance. She is also a graduate of the Madrid Dance Conservatory. Suffice to say that she has a very good level in this area. On social networks, she also very often reveals her exploits.

During confinement, the actress also very often revealed her training to her fans. She even did her exercises in her kitchen.


This Thursday, November 19, María Pedraza also shared a new black and white photo on her Instagram account. The beautiful took the pose in the middle of nature. She also appeared in a white dress and in a ballet dancer position.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, the pretty actress also confided to her subscribers: “hoy mi interno esta así. “To translate as” Today, my interior is like that “.

With her shot, she collected over 195,000 likes in just one hour from her fans. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her. It must be said that she really caused a sensation.

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As very often, the young woman also appeared radiant. And she surprised more than one by showing off in this position. Some of his fans actually looked very impressed with his flexibility on social media.


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