María Pedraza reveals her flat and very muscular stomach!


María Pedraza fans can’t believe it! The star showed off her ultra flat stomach in the middle of a workout. And it is impressive!

María Pedraza continues to wow her fans! Indeed, the star of La Casa de Papel showed off her flat stomach and concrete abs on Instagram. And the result made the Web tremble. We let you discover …

María Pedraza has become a staple actress in the space of just a few years. Indeed, the pretty redhead caused a sensation with her appearances in Casa de Papel or Elite on Netflix. And since then, Internet users cannot do without it!

The Spanish star is a hit on social networks! She has a huge community of fans who follow her adventures on a daily basis!

The it girl therefore decided to share her private life with her fans on Instagram. And the least we can say is that she gives it all!

Fashion photos, travel souvenirs, videos of her days with friends… María Pedraza shows almost everything! And the latter has nothing to envy the biggest influencers!

Indeed, the actress now has more than 11.7 million followers on her profile! Its publications therefore have many followers. Unbelievable !

This weekend, María Pedraza decided to take her fans on board with her during her workout. She then improvised some very sexy photos in action! We love !


María Pedraza went through bodybuilding exercises to take care of her figure. She then did some stretching to relax at the end of her session.

The bomb took advantage of this moment to show off her dream body. And surprise! She showed off her ultra-muscular belly in a close-up!

María Pedraza flaunts her very flat stomach and concrete abs during her stretch. And the result is quite impressive!

Indeed, the actress has a very muscular belly! It just goes to show that her long sports sessions and her dance lessons are paying off!

The Elite star is very proud of her dream plastic! That’s why she doesn’t hesitate to show off her body up close on her Instagram photos!

María Pedraza brings this seductive asset to the fore by wearing low-rise jogging pants and a bra. With this look, it’s hard to miss her athletic figure!

For once, the pretty redhead has set the Web on fire with her photo! Indeed, Internet users could not resist discovering her  sexy snapshot and her incredible musculature!

The actress even received many questions about her training on her Instagram profile. So, will she end up revealing her secrets to having a flat stomach like her? Case to follow!