María Pedraza powers the clip of Jaime Lorente!


In Story of her Instagram account, María Pedraza shared a photo where she confided that she listened to the sound of Jaime Lorente on repeat!

This Friday, November 13, Jaime Lorente surprised his fans. Indeed, the darling of María Pedraza has decided to release a brand new song, his first. This is “Corazón” which has been available on YouTube for a few hours now.

For the moment, Jaime Lorente’s clip has garnered more than 30,000 views. One thing is certain, he really won the hearts of his fans. But also his darling, María Pedraza. The latter decided to give him strength.

A few hours before the release of “Corazón”, María Pedraza had kept her fans informed. Indeed, in Story of her Instagram account, she had reposted the photo of Jaime Lorente about her new project.

The young woman also confided: “This evening Jaime Lorente gives light and voice to his heart”. A nice message that did not fail to melt his fans. But that’s not all. From the release of the hit, she supported the actor.


María Pedraza posted a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She unveiled an extract from Jaime Lorente’s clip. She also told her fans that she couldn’t help but listen to his music.
The actress revealed on the social network: “En bucle para toda la vida. ”To be translated by“ Loop for all the life ”. All accompanied by a little blue heart. One thing is certain, the pretty blonde is really under the spell of Jaime Lorente.

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The dancer’s darling is carrying on projects at the moment. On the day of his hit release, he announced another project. On Instagram, he said: “Le Cid arrives on December 18. I cannot feel more emotion presenting this story “.

The actor also revealed, “We built this story with so much love. A team which has been and which remains family, you cannot miss it on Primer Video ”.

With this announcement, he received congratulations from his fans. They can not wait to find him at the cinema. To be continued!


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