María Pedraza poses with the actresses of the next movie!


María Pedraza shared a nice story photo with her actor friends! Something to delight all fans who love to see her with friends!

The beautiful María Pedraza is a hit on Instagram, but she knows how to decompress… By being with her actor friends for example!

Since starring in La Casa de Papel and Élite, the actress has been a hit! Everyone is tearing it off!

And it’s not just producers who want to see María Pedraza in their films! There are also fashion magazines!

Indeed, the young woman caught the eye of Vogue! So she had the honor and pleasure of performing in one of their pub!

You might as well say that María Pedraza just loved doing this project! It is therefore revealed sensual and sexy on shoots, then, ultra natural in the video clip! We loved it, and you?

On the personal side, the young woman remains very discreet! Thus, we still do not know if she is still in a relationship with Jaime Lorente …

On the other hand, she shares her life with her little dog whom she never hesitates to share on Instagram! We love it!


Anyway, María Pedraza is very well surrounded! Indeed, she has many friends!

And she’s lucky that she can share her passion for acting with some! Eh yes ! The beautiful redhead has several friends in the middle!

An opportunity for her to be able to talk about her job while being understood! Convenient !

So, on Instagram, María Pedraza posted a nice photo with the crew from her last shoot! As much to say to you that seeing their complicity one suspects that they made great bonds!

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