María Pedraza (La Casa de Papel) transparent combination


María Pedraza strikes again! The star of La Casa de Papel was revealed in a transparent shirt on the web. And it’s hot!

Bomb alert ! María Pedraza shared a sexy shoot on Instagram again. This time around, the Casa de Papel star is wearing a see-through shirt. And it’s hot! We let you admire …

María Pedraza has enjoyed immense success since her appearances in the successful La casa de Papel and Elite series.

Indeed, the pretty redhead has convinced Internet users with her acting and her top model physique. She is thus one of the most followed actresses of the moment. Unbelievable !

The young woman now has a huge community on the web. She has over 11.9 million followers who follow her daily adventures on Instagram.

María Pedraza gives her all to please her fans. The star of the Casa de papel shares all of her current projects on her profile.

Shooting, video clip, dance, fashion … the bomb never stops! Indeed, the young woman has more than one string to her bow and carries out numerous collaborations.

Yesterday, the It-girl hit really hard! She unveiled a new photo from a fashion shoot. And surprise! The top is sexier than ever in the photo!


María Pedraza posed for the fashion magazine S Moda. She stages herself in a huge white sheet and wears a pastel blue outfit.

The fashionista approaches a sheer silk shirt and white pants. She then gives a glimpse of her dream body without complex. We love !

The star of Casa de Papel also opted for an ultra inspiring make up! She is wearing blue eyeshadow with a liner effect to bring out her pretty blue eyes.

In terms of hairstyle, María Pedraza wears a very elegant bun that looks great on her! The bomb stares at the lens with a tender gaze and gives a slight smile. It didn’t take more to capsize the canvas!

The actress caused a sensation with this shot. It must be said that the result is ultra sensual! Internet users then are more than 200,000 to fall for it!

But that’s not all ! The young woman also received thousands of compliments. “An angel”, “You are divine”, “What beauty”, “Perfect photo”, “Canon” can we read among the reactions.

So it’s still clear for the star of the Casa de Papel. Once again, the pretty redhead bluffed her fans with this sexy shoot!

It just goes to show that María Pedraza is not satisfied with her acting skills to shine! And the latter has not finished wowing us with her sexy photos!


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