María Pedraza (La Casa de Papel) bikinili torride!


María Pedraza, the very famous actress of La Casa de Papel, makes her millions of fans crack down on Instagram in an ultra sexy bikini!

With each appearance on social networks, María Pedraza is unanimous among her many fans. The star of the hit series La Casa de Papel once again puts everyone in agreement in sexy bikini on Instagram!

On the Web, as on the big screen, María Pedraza has met with tremendous success. It’s simple, everyone loves it!

It must be said that the young actress of 24 years has a lot of talent. She thus connects shootings and appearances. High class !

And to the delight of her millions of fans, the role of Alison Parker in La Casa de Papel also spends a good deal of her time on social media.

Every day, she thus feeds her various accounts of photos, each more sublime and sexy than the next. The public loves it!

With it, Internet users hardly have time to be bored. They thus follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention.

And for once, there is material. As a result, María Pedraza has a very good score of 12 million subscribers on Instagram. Just that !

The famous platform appears to be the showcase of his most beautiful shots. And she just added a new one …


Very active on social networks, María Pedraza makes her millions of fans happy. Internet users love the pictures of their idol!

On Tuesday 12 January, the very famous Spanish actress therefore fed her Instagram feed with a brand new unseen photo.

On a pebble beach, the pretty brunette poses in a sublime black patterned swimsuit and then seduces the Web with her piercing gaze.

The star of the hit series La Casa de Papel reveals her dream body for all to see! It thus displays an ultra tanned skin illuminated by the sun’s rays.

Under the spell, the fans of the star then once again reacted en masse to their idol’s post. It must be said that the photo is really very beautiful.

Thus, compliments are flowing in the comments area. You will no doubt have understood that, so it’s another hit for the social media star. And she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon …

One thing is certain then, María Pedraza has not finished talking about her. We let you take a look at the snapshot available on his Instagram account. But… Watch out for your eyes!


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