María Pedraza: Jaime Lorente with cat after breakup rumors!


María Pedraza’s darling, Jaime Lorente, reveals a super charming photo with his cat on his Instagram account. Warm ahead!

After rumors of a breakup, Spanish actor Jaime Lorente poses shirtless with María Pedraza’s cat on the couch. He is ultra charming!

They share the same watchword: be charming. Indeed, María Pedraza and her darling Jaime Lorente adore very caliente shots.

Especially the interpreter of Marina Nunier Osuna in the Elite series. Yes, the pretty brunette with an ember look never ceases to delight her admirers.

So the Spanish actress only shares sexier photos than each other. Besides, his latest publication makes everyone agree.

In short, María Pedraza appears lying – and seems naked – on her bed. If the actress does not reveal anything, this one attracts attention with her perfectly successful pink makeup.

So her fans can’t help but compliment her in the comments. “Maria, you are just too beautiful!” “,” So poetic, you are beautiful Maria! “Or” Incredible this beauty “.

Besides, it seems that her lover, Jaime Lorente, would like to steal the show. On his Instagram account, the latter drops his clothes for the time of a photo!


Indeed, María Pedraza can be delighted to have a sweetheart as charming as Jaime Lorente. Especially when the handsome goss shares a new photo!

While internet users think the two lovebirds have separated, the Spanish actor proves that they are still together.

For this, María Pedraza’s darling takes a photo on his sofa with his cat. But that’s not all! The young man takes the opportunity to undress.

And the least we can say is that his photo is a hit! Indeed, it already accumulates more than a million likes in just one day. It’s a real success. And we understand why.


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