María Pedraza: Jaime Lorente will release her first song!


In Story of her Instagram account, María Pedraza shared a photo of her darling Jaime Lorente. The latter will release his first song!

On social networks, María Pedraza remains quite discreet about her love life. As soon as she doesn’t appear with Jaime Lorente, rumors circulate that they are not in a relationship. But the latter are false.

A few days ago, María Pedraza posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She had appeared in the arms of her darling Jaime Lorente. But that’s not all. It also supports its projects.

This Thursday, November 12, María Pedraza posted a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. The young woman unveiled a shot of Jaime Lorente. The latter displayed himself with a very serious gaze facing the sea.

In the caption of her shot, the dancer also wrote: “Tonight Jaime Lorente gives light and voice to her heart”. A very nice message that did not fail to seduce his fans.


On his Instagram account, the sweetheart of María Pedraza told his fans: “On Friday, November 13, I bring out my bad and my good luck with my first song, ‘Corazón'”.

The actress’ sweetheart also added: “The heart is all I needed. Pablo Gareta1 and I made it out of the purest love “. With his shot, he collected more than 562,000 “likes” in just a few hours from his fans.

In the comments, they said they can’t wait to hear about her brand new song. Just like his sweetheart, María Pedraza. It must be said that he surprised everyone with this announcement on social media.

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His fans weren’t expecting him to release this new project on the web. So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow before we find out more about Jaime Lorente’s singing talents. We can’t wait to learn more. Case to follow!


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