María Pedraza is very close to a mysterious young man!


In Story of her Instagram account, María Pedraza shared a photo where she displayed herself really very close to a mysterious man!

It seems that for a few days now, María Pedraza has been filming. Indeed, earlier this week, she posted a new photo on her Instagram account that left no doubt.

María Pedraza had posed in full sun. In the caption of her shot, the young woman had also commented with a CLAP and sun emoji. But that’s not all. The beautiful brunette also took a pose with another actress.

This is Lola Rodriguez. The two took the pose really very complicit on the social network. And it seems that María Pedraza has unveiled a new person, present with her at the filming location.

This Wednesday, November 11, the dancer shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She displayed herself in full sun, facing the trees, accompanied by a mysterious young man. The latter surrounded the pretty blonde with his arms.


In her photo, María Pedraza struck a pose with a denim shirt and a white blouse. The same outfit as this Tuesday. So it looks like she’s continuing filming in this outfit. It will still take patience before finding out.

In the meantime, fans of the dancer will be able to find her very soon in a brand new film. The actress had a role in “El Verano que Vivimos” alongside Blanca Suarez. However, the film was due out a few days ago.

Because of the health crisis, the directors preferred to postpone the release date. They therefore changed on November 6 for next December 4. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before finding the actress in the cinema.

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