María Pedraza is showing off with her beautiful hair!


This Wednesday, January 20, 2021, María Pedraza once again amazed her followers on Instagram by unveiling a new photo of her!

Yesterday, María Pedraza wowed her subscribers! The cause ? On Instagram, the star posted a brand new photo. You will see, the actress is stunning.

To this day, María Pedraza is one of the rising figures in the world of the 7th art! But before launching into the cinema, the star practiced classical dance for a time.

The young woman trained at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in Madrid. “My mother signed me up when I was 6,” María Pedraza told “L’Officiel” in 2019.

But also: “At the time, there was a Spanish series that I loved, Upa Dance (Editor’s note: Un, Dos, Tres). I remember learning the choreography in front of the TV ”.

She added: “My parents probably thought ‘maybe she’s talented, we’ll see’. They took me to take the conservatory exam and I entered when I was 8 years old. I was there ten years “.

Years later by the greatest of luck, director Esteban Crespo called on her after spotting her on Instagram! The latter absolutely wanted the pretty brunette to play in his film “Amar”.

If María Pedraza subsequently carried on film projects, it was above all thanks to the series “La casa de papel” that she saw her notoriety explode.

The star was also screened in the fictional “Elite”. Since then, everything is rolling for her!

Like you, the incendiary brunette is also very active on her social networks. And this Wednesday, January 20, the young woman has put everyone else in agreement with a new photo.


As you can see, María Pedraza once again went all out to dazzle her admirers. This time, the young woman shared a snapshot of a nice shoot.

Facing the camera, the star appears in an elegant black outfit. She also bet on a smoky make up to sublimate her pretty eyes.

“One life, one death. An I love you, a puppeteer heart. A yellow moon, a pencil, a single match to set the whole world on fire, ”María Pedraza captioned her sublime photo.

Unsurprisingly, her post garnered over 290,000 likes in just a few hours. And in the comments thread, the compliments were there.

“So beautiful”, can we read under her post. But also: “OMG. Wonderful, I love it “.

On a daily basis, María Pedraza is very close to her subscribers. On Instagram, she has an incredible community with her 11 million followers.

And Internet users are always on the lookout when she posts something! And obviously, this is not about to change.


Besides cinema, María Pedraza is also a real fashionista! Very often, she appears on her social networks with ultra-trendy outfits.

Before the pandemic, the star liked to appear in the biggest fashion shows. The pretty brunette is also the face of many brands.

The marketing teams have understood that her image sells. Thanks to her allure and pretty face, the actress is also the muse of many stylists.

The actress’s photoshoots continue to create a buzz in the media and on the Internet. In short, everything smiles on him and her success is well deserved!


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