María Pedraza improvises as a music video director!


María Pedraza raises the temperature! In story, she makes a clip with her friends in which she appears very sensual!

Famous Elite Actress María Pedraza had a blast with her friends! This morning, she made a clip for her Instagram story!

The beautiful redhead is causing a sensation on the networks. Indeed, since her roles in the flagship series of Netflix, La Casa de Papel and Élite, she has seen her number of subscribers grow at high speed!

Today, she has over 12 million followers! A real consecration for her!

While celebrity can sometimes have its drawbacks, María Pedraza can count on her friends to keep her entertained! So on Instagram, we can very often see her having fun with her friends!

She is particularly good friends with Lola Rodríguez, a Spanish actress! The two young women must therefore share a lot of things together!

María Pedraza even made him a nice declaration of friendship. In fact, in the story, she shared a selfie in the mirror with her friend with the caption: “I love him p **** n”


On Instagram, María Pedraza made her subscribers laugh this morning! Indeed, the pretty redhead danced with her friends on their song of the moment.

This is the sound “Natos y Waor” of the group Ey mama in feat with Recycled J. We listened and we love it, don’t you?

Regardless, the music inspired María Pedraza and her friends who thus faked a music video! Too funny !

We therefore see the very sensual actress sitting on a ledge, then one of her friends. They are having fun like crazy!

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María Pedraza bright in an autumnal look on Instagram!

To make the video more believable, the actress added a very psychedelic filter! Very strange…

In any case, we can see how the beauty has the joy of living!


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