María Pedraza: Her trendy outfit on Instagram


On the heart, she spins the perfect love with her on-screen partner Jaime Lorente. In recent months, the couple have had to deal with multiple rumors about them.

Indeed, some tabloids claimed they had broken up. Nay!

Even though there have been ups and downs, María Pedraza and her sweetheart are still so madly in love with each other. Being very active on the Web, they like to share their happiness with their fans.

This summer, the actress also took the opportunity to ease off. After having lived several weeks of confinement, she was able to see some relatives again… Without forgetting to spend time with her other half!


Like many stars, María Pedraza shares a lot of things on her social networks. Like his upcoming projects.

But also his shootings, or his trips to the 4 corners of the world. But what her followers love most of all is when she teaches style!

Very often, María Pedraza appears with ultra-trendy looks. She likes classy outfits as much as more relaxed outfits.

A few hours ago, the star caused a stir with a new black and white photo. For her photo, the young woman has bet on a white croc top and ripped jeans that suit her perfectly.

As a true fashionista, the actress also bet on a sublime black bag. Pandemic obliges, she did not forget to take her mask. So, conquered ?!

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