María Pedraza: her smile capsizes the users’ hearts!


On her Instagram account, the beautiful María Pedraza shared a photo where she displayed herself really radiant with her devastating smile!

María Pedraza never misses an opportunity to create a buzz on social media. And the least we can say is that she knows how to capsize the hearts of internet users. She reveals her best photos with her smile.

This is particularly the case this weekend. María Pedraza shared a new photo on her Instagram account this Sunday, January 24. She took the pose in the street, revealing her best smile to her fans.

We can also see many photographers behind María Pedraza taking pictures of her. The beauty appeared wearing a black top and a pretty beige jacket. With her fiery gaze, she appeared beaming.

The shot of the dancer garnered more than 502,000 likes in just six hours from her fans. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her.


It must be said that María Pedraza really appeared radiant. With her naturalness, she did not fail to win unanimous support on the Internet. In the caption of her photo, she also shared her mood of the day with emoji.

The La Casa de Papel and Elite actress also opted for a black heart. An emoji that smiles upside down. A sun hidden behind a cloud. But also a rainbow or a little chick. She surprised her fans.

In the comments, they also wrote to María Pedraza: “You are so beautiful! “,” So beautiful and talented. Amazing young woman. “, ” I love your hair. “, ” So cute. »But also« You are so brilliant! “.

Many messages that will not fail to please María Pedraza. It must be said that she can always count on the nice compliments of her fans on social media.


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