María Pedraza bright but tired after a dance class!


In Story of her Instagram account, the beautiful María Pedraza shared several photos where she had a blast during her dance class!

Before entering the world of cinema, María Pedraza had another great passion. It’s about dancing. For years she has found her niche in ballet dancing and seems very fulfilled when practicing.

On social media, María Pedraza often shares photos of herself appearing as a dancer. She continues the lessons and does not let go. Dancing is really her priority.

This Tuesday, January 19, María Pedraza shared new photos in Story from her Instagram account. At first, she also took the pose lying on the floor, with her dance outfit. She said she was “knocked out”.

But that’s not all. In another photo, the young woman also flaunted during her bouts. And the least that can be said is that she has a lot of merit. Wearing a blue dress and black leggings, she surprised her fans.


In an interview with L’Officiel, María Pedraza had confided in the subject of her passion for dance. She said, “My mother enrolled me at the age of 6″.

The actress also added: “At the time, there was a Spanish series that I loved, Upa Dance (Un, Dos, Tres, editor’s note). I remember learning the choreography in front of the TV ”.

The La Casa de Papel and Elite actress also revealed, “My parents probably thought, ‘Maybe she’s talented. We will see’. They took me to take the conservatory exam. And I got into it when I was eight. ”

María Pedraza also said: “I was there for ten years. (…) I was very touched by the movie Black Swan. (…) I actually loved the scene where Natalie Portman tumbles and shoots nonstop. This film … I love it. “


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