María Pedraza and fan of her new sneakers!


María Pedraza has just posted a photo of her new pair of sneakers via her Instagram story! Drs very original sneakers!

María Pedraza (La Casa de Papel) just showed off her new sneakers via her Instagram story! A custom pair of Nike!

María Pedraza caused a stir on Instagram today! Indeed, the sublime actress made popular thanks to the Casa de Papel series posted a video of her outfit of the day via her Instagram story!

Thus, Jaime Lorente’s companion wore jeans, a black top as well as magnificent customized Nike sneakers which caught our attention! Indeed, on the shoes in question, we could recognize an illustration of Homer Simpson!

A very original pair of shoes that the beautiful María Pedraza wore to perfection! We let you admire them in your turn below! This is of course a screenshot from the Instagram story of the beautiful Elite actress!


The day before, María Pedraza posted a wonderful photo of herself as she got out of the shower and was in her pajamas. Indeed, the beautiful brunette wore a t-shirt with a cartoon character printed on the front. So cute.

But this time it wasn’t a Simpsons character! No, on the t-shirt you could recognize SpongeBob SquarePants. A snapshot of her naturally which has won over Internet users and also her fans.

Yes, you only have to read their comments below her post to realize: “María Pedraza is so sublime, even naturally! “” The stars who dare to post pictures of her without makeup and / or in pajamas are rare! María is so beautiful, she can afford it! ”

Can we read on the social network of the actress of the Casa de Papel! Just that ! A shower of compliments then.


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