Margot Robbie revealed that she has a strange syndrome


“Sometimes I still have it” Margot Robbie revealed that she has a strange syndrome. How does she do it? The actress told how difficult it has been to live with this and how she manages to overcome herself daily.

Margot Robbie being a complete woman, since besides being an excellent artist, she is a producer through LuckyChap Entertainment. However, as she has told Glamor UK magazine, it is still difficult for her to obtain the recognition she deserves when it comes to important issues of production for her status as a woman.

“People have sexism internalized; even if you are the one who makes the decisions, they address the older man they are closest to and ask her. It is something inherent that everyone carries in her AND,” the actress begins.

“They ask questions and I have the answers, but they address my fellow producers and ask them:‘ As it is a financing issue, I will ask her. ’ And they answer: ‘Actually, she’s the one with the answer, you should ask her,’ ”Robbie continues.

“It is the social construction that we grew up knowing. I think the interesting thing is that now everyone is aware of it and usually notices. I think people want to embrace equality. And I also think they are surprised that they have not done it before, not being aware of it and not being in that vital moment, ”adds the artist.

In addition, Margot spoke of one of the most difficult moments of her career, which continues to suffer today: the impostor syndrome, a series of thoughts that make you believe insufficient to occupy the position you have in society.

“I am very, very self-critical and I am very critical of my work. I set a very high standard for myself, I always want to be better and I always think I can be better, ”says the actress.

“The hardest thing for me was the impostor syndrome. Sometimes, I still have it and I think that everyone will notice: ‘How did you get here? Do you think you’re good enough for this? Who has left you enter? ‘”concluded Margot.

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