Maren Morris shared a flirty message to her husband Ryan Hurd: “I’ll see him naked”


Love your man! Ahead of her Stagecoach performance this weekend, Maren Morris took the time to remind fans that country singer Ryan Hurd has left the market.

“I see him naked,” the 32—year-old Bones musician tweeted on Friday, April 29, sharing a picture with 35-year-old Heard, whom she married in 2018.

However, radio host Bobby Bones agreed with Morris after reading her sultry comments. “Me too,” the former Dancing with the Stars champion, 42, tweeted, prompting Morris to send a laughing emoji in response.

Later on Friday, Hurd and Morris expressed their love at the Stagecoach Festival by performing a joint musical set for a packed crowd of country music fans.

“The stagecoach was an explosion. Thank you to everyone who came to our set,” the singer of “Chasing After You” wrote on Instagram at the time.

The couple first met as co-writers of Tim McGraw’s script “The Last Turn Home” in 2013, before eventually becoming romantically involved.

“We teamed up six years ago to write a song. We didn’t know each other and it just grew out of there, so music has always been really intertwined with our love for each other, and now that we’re not just songwriters, we’re artists.”

After almost two years of dating, Hurd proposed to the Texas native in July 2017. The duo got married in March 2018.

“We are doing well, we are constantly in touch, we communicate a lot on FaceTime,” the singer told Us in 2019. “Right now we have the same manager, so she helps our calendars combine really well, and that helped a little bit. Especially now that we’re married, it’s a little more important for us to see each other. We try to have a good balance.”

In October 2019, Morris and Hurd announced that their family was expanding. Their son Hayes was born in March 2020.

“I had a buddy who told me right before our baby came:”Remember that first of all you have to be kind to each other,” Hurd previously told us in August 2020. “I thought it was really good advice because there are so many moments when you’re like, ‘I don’t have anything left. There is no courtesy left in me.” But… we’re all struggling to do it, and I think the kinder you are to your partner, the easier it is.”

He added: “It’s amazing that everyone has their own little tricks, and they all seem to work.”