Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet Says Season 2 is a Possibility


Mare of Easttown: The miniseries Mare of Easttown may be close to earning new episodes. That’s what Emmy winner for Best Actress in a Miniseries Kate Winslet recently stated in an interview with Deadline.

According to the artist, there is still nothing very concrete about the subject, but she remains anxious for what might happen, considering the great success that the production had with the public and critics. “The miniseries really surprised us,” she commented.

“Talks [about a 2nd season] are already happening, but I think that until the scripts are ready, we can’t say if everything will happen and where Mare will go,” explained the actress.

The HBO production provided Kate Winslet with her second Emmy Awards. It is worth remembering that in 2011 she also won, even in the same acting category, for her work in Mildred Pierce, released by the same network. “I think we’re going to do something that’s just as captivating and fun as Season 1,” Winslet said.

Mare of Easttown: HBO miniseries to have season 2?

During conversations with the press throughout the awards ceremony, Kate Winslet also emphasized the challenges her character brought to her life, taking into account the dramatic nuances of Mare, who consists of a detective full of strong opinions.

“I honestly feel that our industry is changing and significant issues are happening,” said the actress. “I think they’re betting more on ordinary women, who aren’t as concerned with looks and shape. This makes many people, especially young people, realize that they can feel good about their bodies in general terms,” she added.

For Winslet, it is up to the audiovisual production sector to be careful in the representation of reality and the authenticity that this carries. “I’m really looking forward to returning to play Mare. It warms my heart,” she explained.

With these considerations, it is very likely that the 2nd season of the then miniseries will actually happen. Let’s stay tuned on the subject!


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