Marcos Pontes Says That Cuts In Science Are ‘Lack Of Consideration’


Marcos Pontes: A few days ago, the government carried out a large reallocation of resources from science to other areas, resulting in the subtraction of more than R$600 million that would be allocated to the scientific area of our country. After the approval of the cut, the former Brazilian astronaut and minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, stated that the decision was a “lack of consideration” for science in Brazil.

In Twitter posts, Pontes also said that the cuts are misguided, illogical and that the situation urgently needs to be corrected. The ex-astronaut said he had thought of stepping down after finding out about the reallocation of resources, but said he believed in President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party).

“Yesterday (7) was not a very good day in terms of budget, speaking of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, but that’s how people’s life is, there’s a good day, a bad day,” said Marcos Pontes the following day of approval.


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