Marc Marquez comes from an environment very close to the pilot


Marc Marquez comes from an environment very close to the pilot. In the end it was confirmed what was an open secret. All the news about who will run in each team this coming season is revealed little by little. And the last to announce his position has been Johann Zarco, who will run for Avintia. The meetings had taken place a week ago so everyone already speculated on that possibility but speculating is not knowing, and now it is known that this is going to be. The news came with an official statement from the team.

In the last Grand Prix of Valencia he was asked about this issue and said that there were very serious doubts about his future and how he was going to take this issue, it was said that he ended up running in Raúl Romero’s training, but he was not a Top enough team to end up attracting the driver.

When he met Ducati, he caused a fulminating dismissal, specifically that of Karel Abraham, who was very upset to say to the media that everything related to this competition was a great farce full of empty promises. He was angry and had reasons, he had just signed and as soon as Zarco decided he was thrown out without contemplation, the act is not pretty.

On the other hand, Zarco had high hopes of ending up running next to Marc Márquez, he said he would love it, but of course Alex was the favorite of the team and of course his brother. Although it is not having a very happy start. The bike he has inherited is difficult to drive and the falls have already been several, we will see what happens when the competition starts. For his part, Zarco has set very ambitious goals, just think of the top 7 and below that nothing, is more threw a blow to Marquez saying that no group of brothers will stop him. Let’s see how Catalan responds.

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