Marbella Vice by Ibai Llanos: What is it?


Ibai’s new GTA 5-based roleplay series will feature famous content creators such as Rubius, Cristinini, Grefg, Auronplay, Folagor and more.

Marbella Vice is the new series of streamers that Ibai Llanos and CoolifeGame (Jacky) are preparing in Grand Theft Auto V. The Rockstar video game, in its GTA Online aspect, will be the basis of a roleplay where improvisation and unexpected situations will generate all kinds of stories, encounters, laughter and entertainment. After confirming the first participants, we already know a total of 35 of the 150 Spanish-speaking content creators. We go over all the confirmed details for now.

When does Marbella Vice start? Release date

The new series by Ibai Llanos, Marbella Vice, will have a total of 150 members; all of them Spanish speakers. Once their role server is enabled in GTA V, the participants will share the same virtual environment in the games. We will have different ways to follow the games, including the Twitch channels (or YouTube, although very few choose to broadcast their games live on the Google platform) individual of each of the participants that we will cite below.

The release date of Marbella Vice is next Sunday, April 4, 2021 at a time to be determined; surely around the prime time of the Spanish night. Soon we will learn more details through the official Marbella Vice Twitter account and the Twitter and Twitch channels of Ibai Llanos, the main speaker of any project led by himself.

First 35 confirmed participants in Marbella Vice

In order of confirmation, these are the first 35 confirmed members of Marbella Vice. Soon we will learn more and discover if the most notorious absences for now, such as Willyrex or El Xokas, will or will not be in what is called to be the most popular streamer series after hits like Egoland and Arkadia.

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