Marathon Digital Generated 265 Bitcoins Last Month


Marathon Digital Holdings announced in its annual report for June that it has mined 265.6 Bitcoins throughout the month. Marathon Digital produced 226.6 Bitcoins throughout the month of May.

Continuing to expand its mining facility in Hardin, Marathon Digital announced that 18,702 S-19 Pro model ASIC devices have already been purchased here and new devices will be delivered in the coming months.

The company, which plans to build its 300-megawatt facility in Texas after September, mined 17.2% more Bitcoin last month compared to the previous month.

  • The 265.6 Bitcoins mined in June brought the total amount of Bitcoins owned by the company to approximately 5,784. Of these, 4,812.66 were purchased in January 2021 at an average of $31,168 per unit.
  • Marathon, which has a cash capital of 170.6 million dollars, has a total liquidity of approximately 372.2 million dollars as of the beginning of July, including the Bitcoins in its reserve.
  • Marathon, which installed 1,740 new devices last month, is actively running 19,395 miners at around 2.09 EH/s.
  • Marathon expects to receive all of its pre-ordered devices by the end of the first quarter of 2022. When these are added, the company will have a fleet of 103,120 devices with a total capacity of 10.37 EH/s.

Marathon CEO Fred Thiel reminded that they have increased the amount of Bitcoin they produce despite the decrease in the hash rate, and reminded that most of the miners they have ordered will be delivered in the autumn. It has been announced that the plant, which the company plans to establish in Texas from now on, will be 100% carbon neutral.


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