Maps will have indoor view, weather and more


Google announced on Tuesday (30) that Maps will gain several features based on artificial intelligence. The app will have more than 100 improvements over the course of this year, including navigation in closed spaces (Live View), Weather Forecast, references of locations with drive thru and electric car filling stations.

Despite talking about the news, the giant did not explain when exactly each tool will be available. According to the company, the use of AI is for users to continue “having access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about the world, when they need it”,

Among the novelties is Live View, which uses Augmented Reality (AR) to guide people within establishments. The technology called “global location” uses AI to scan billions of Street View images to help you get your bearings.

From the functionality, it will be possible to determine the exact altitude and the location of objects within a building, for example. The goal is to offer navigation in extensive locations such as airports, public transport terminals and shopping malls.

The technology already works on Android and iOS devices in several malls in Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco and other locations in the United States. In the coming months the resource will be launched for some airports, shopping malls and public transport terminals in Tokyo and Zurich.

Other resources

Those who use Google Maps will also soon have the weather forecasting tool. The idea is to offer information so that people are not caught off guard when they go to other corners of the city. In addition to the weather, the air quality in the region will be informed, all so that people with respiratory allergies can find out if a particular region has pollution or burning, for example.

Still in the environmental aspect, it was announced that the software will have route markings that optimize fuel consumption. The sustainable path report aims to help people discover paths that represent less CO2 consumption. The utility will be launched first in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

Google also announced that the mobility application will show options for stores with a drive-thru scheme. Further on, in addition to showing all the information about the stores, it will be possible to even place orders through the app itself, just passing by the place for pickup.

The other information that users will have access to is the electric car filling stations. Electric vehicle charging stations (EV) will be shown in Brazil to allow drivers to plan their trip more carefully. In addition to the locations, details on the number and types of connectors, charging power, reviews and more will be shown on the map.


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