Maps show centers where vaccination can be given


We are at a key moment in the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmaceuticals have sent the first doses to the countries of the world and it is a matter of time before people start receiving the treatment whenever they want it and there is a surplus. But the important thing for those who want to vaccinate is to know where they can do it and this information already appears on Google Maps.

Where to get vaccinated according to Google Maps

Google Maps is a tool that has helped more than one to know their surroundings and their state. Yes, the cartographic application is not only focused on taking you from one place to another or telling you what restaurants are near your position. It has also been helpful to many if it is used well. The clearest case, and also recent, was the map of Madrid that indicated the streets that were covered by the snow that Filomena left a few weeks ago.

But the storm has already passed and eyes are on the development of the pandemic. The first doses of the vaccines have already been given to some people, good news despite the unstoppable advance of the virus. But in some places, people still do not have where they can be vaccinated against COVID-19, a question that those in Mountain View want to solve at a stroke.

It turns out that Google has put in Maps the information of the places where people can be vaccinated. Searches for this term have exploded, so it is not surprising that the firm has gotten to work. Specifically, in the United States they have put in the information of the pandemic the places where the vaccine can be put, something that will undoubtedly help more than one.

Where do I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Spain

In the case of Spain, getting vaccinated against COVID has no cost. We are in the middle of the vaccination campaign, specifically in stage 1 that will end in March of this year. Although Google has not yet deployed this function in our country, the Government has enabled a web page with all the information in this regard, so if you are not from the priority group or groups, you will have to wait to be called.

On the website you will know everything you need about the vaccination campaign, so do not hesitate to visit it or call your nearest health center to request information about it.


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