Map Showing How 5G Expands To The World In 2020


Speedtest shared a map showing how 5G is spreading around the world in 2020. The shared map shows that some European countries and the USA are almost ready for 5G. In addition, China and Japan and the Gulf countries have started to adopt this technology.

Speedtest, which is used by internet users around the world to test speed, has published a map containing data on 5G connection technology. The published map reveals which countries have started using 5G, the prevalence in these countries, the maximum download and upload speeds achieved.

Although 5G connection technology is the subject of some conspiracy theories, it is now a reality of our lives. The technology, which offers a much higher download speed and minimizes latency than the internet connections we use, will steer many sectors. map prepared by the speedtest, as Turkey, we’re not yet ready to reveal this technology.

Here is that map shared by Speedtest

As you can see on the map above, the most developed countries in the world have already started to adopt 5G technology. In this context, Germany in particular can be considered to offer 5G coverage throughout the country. In addition, 5G networks are knitted in the USA. Increasing 5G coverage areas in countries such as China, South Korea and Japan seem to have started to show itself in the Gulf countries. When we look at a limited area of ​​Istanbul in Turkey, we see that 5G coverage.

When we look at the investments of the countries in 2020, we see that the Netherlands comes to the fore. The country has increased its 5G coverage areas by 50 percent as of the last quarter of 2020. In addition, 5G coverage areas in Thailand increased by around 32 percent compared to last year. 2020 was the year of 5G for the USA.

The shared map also reveals how big the difference is between the download and upload speeds of 4G and 5G connections. Accordingly, the team, which says that the download speed worldwide is 19.67 Mbps in 4G connection, says that there is a 954 percent increase in 5G and the average reaches 207.39 Mbps. In upload speeds, we see 7.21 Mbps for 4G, while we see 29.66 Mbps for 5G connection.


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