Manufacturers want national plan for electric cars in Brazil


The National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea) wants to expand the electric car market in Brazil. The organ’s next step in popularizing the sector involves getting closer to the government, in an attempt to show the demand and growth possibilities in the area.

According to iG, the goal is to bring the public and private sectors together in a national plan for the adoption and expansion of the electric car fleet in an organized and systematic way, without depending only on the individual strategies of each automaker.

Activities should involve participation in Congress discussions and stimulate debate about the energy matrix of cars in Brazil. Studies by contracted consultants must be presented by Anfavea showing the market potential, in addition to the current obstacles and possible alternatives.

Walking slowly
In December, the news that Brazil could zero taxes on electric cars circulated, but the issue did not advance in the Chamber. The cost of recharging cars is still one of the obstacles to be solved.


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