Manuel Merino resigns from Peruvian Presidency


The interim president of Peru, Manuel Merino, resigned from his position as president less than a week after taking office.

Manuel Merino, the interim president of Peru, resigned his post this Sunday, November 15, after a violent day of protests that claimed the lives of two people and that stemmed from a political crisis that began with the removal of Martín Vizcarra, as president from the country.

Merino lasted a week in power and is the fourth president in a very short span of time.

“I, like you, want the best for this country,” Merino said before announcing his “irrevocable” resignation.

Manuel Merino resigns

According to information we have in Somagnews, the resignation of Manuel Merino comes after the resignation of more than half of the cabinet of ministers and a wave of demands for him to resign after a night of demonstrations that resulted in two dead, more than 100 injured and 41 missing, according to the National Human Rights Coordinator.

The Board of Spokespersons of Parliament met hours before Sunday to evaluate the imminent resignation of Merino in the face of the serious situation.

After hours of meeting, Luis Valdez, current president of Congress, “urged” Merino to present his resignation.

The second national march this Saturday was the sixth consecutive day of demonstrations that have been taking place in cities across the country since Merino took power.

This wave of discontent in Peru had its origin in the removal of Vizcarra for “permanent moral incapacity”, amid accusations of corruption against him, replacing him with Manuel Merino, until then president of Parliament.


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